Friday, October 28, 2011


If your an observant and neurotic window shopper as me you might have noticed an upcoming trend. 
Aztec print, It's been a hit for nail art but currently the stores are stocking up on this colorful style.
I fell in love with the bold prints and they would look smashing with an all black outfit,
with the print as main focal point.

These lovely people already got there Aztec on:  I would kill somebody for that skirt.

But I would be a horrible person showing you all this eye-candy and not searching for some online sellers
Although I admit most of these things I just picked out because I want it.
If only I wasn't so poor....

A few of my picks:  I need some scarfs...

So these colorful prints?
For you or will you let this one pass? 


mauranne said...

het rokje en de bikini zijn zo mooi!!
je blog is ook echt leuk!

friday night bitch fight

ik volg je

Mariette said...


Liefs, Mariete

Denna said...

@Mauranne: Het rokje is echt mijn favoriet, jammer genoeg kan ik hem nergens vinden. Het zou echt een aanvulling zijn voor mijn collectie zwarte rokjes ;D

@Mariette: Dankjewel!

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