Monday, October 24, 2011
Good morning Color-lovers and Shade-Whores,

Today I am going to share one of my favorite sites with you.
To start I have been Adobe fan girl for some time now, photoshop is one of my most loved tools.
Even when my blog is called Noire Glitter that doesn't mean that I hate color. 
But if I am honest I sometimes go overboard with colors.
When I was looking for a pallet for this blog I went from Black with bright pink to Teal and Lilac.
After a bit of a meltdown I sat down and went to kuler.adobe and started to browse the site searching for pallets that wouldn't fry ones eyes.

So I took a rather long time browsing the site.
Saving every pallet that I liked, I personally like to browse the Random themes and Most Popular themes.
In the end I was down to three pallets.

As you can see I picked some rather muted colors. 
In the end I went with the one I could see work for this blog, the first one.
Its called Maria Ave and is made by Riesjart who had a lot more amazing pallets.

In the end, this site is something that you can use for many many things.
  • Blog layouts
  • Room makeovers
  • Art projects
  • Inspiration
  • Outfit choices

I hope you will enjoy this site as much as me.


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