Friday, October 28, 2011

Ring lovers and Single Ladies!

Feast your eyes on this!
As an ebay veteran I stroll round to find the most pretty jewelry.
Why from ebay? Surely I buy in stores, but that is mostly expensive stuff.
No for your unique costume jewelry you need ebay..

Now one day I hope I find a guy who will give me a big fucking engagement ring.
Preferred a YSL Arty in silver with a black or teal stone.
But that day sure isn't coming fast.
So I ordered myself a KO out of this big lot of rings:
Okay I lied, I ordered two rings because I couldn't pick and the dollar was down...shame on me!

After waiting and waiting they mailman cramped my package trough the mailbox.
Why ring the bell when you can use force?
Now first my favorite.

Note that that is my own jewelry box and fancy picture.
The ring itself is rather heavy so it wouldn't brake anytime soon I hope.
I always put a layer of clear nail polish on it, so it hasn't turned green.

But yes I have an other one!
Amazing color, it has bits of light purple, red, licht pink and white.
I love the detailing on this one.
I must admit in 50% of the pictures it looked like I had a bruise om my knuckle when I wore it.
Yet IRL it looks smashing!

So hop over to
or click

Cause it is a kickass ring for a kickass price.


Luna said...

love them!

Denna said...

Thank you very much Luna, These rings are amazing.

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