Monday, October 24, 2011
Lovely Reader,

I am sure everybody has heard and received it at least once in there life. Labels. 
When you pass people you don't know and they point and talk about you.
"What a brainless Barbie"
"What a scary Gothic"
"What a stupid Whore"
All based on the way you dress.

The thing is, I like most people like to wear what I think is beautiful and I think suits me.
Some time ago I received a scarf in the mail that I ordered on ebay and waited a lot time for. 
Excited as I was I wore it as soon as I could, with a nice black blazer, pink top and black skinny jeans.
So I tossed on my new favorite scarf and ran down to the store.
I love it because its inspired by Alexander McQueen, if I could afford it I would get a real one cause they are a tad nicer. 

Now so I was walking down the street and saw somebody I knew.
We talked some and suddenly they mentioned "Your scarf has skulls on it."
So I felt all happy and fluffy so now I could talk about my love for the scarf but before I could awsner they said "I would never wear something with skulls on it" so I ofcoarse let an awkward sillence fall and they suddenly said "But your Gothic right?" "No" "But you wear black all the time"
So if I like black I am Gothic? Then what if I wore all blue would I like the blue man group?
I get inspiration for Fashion, Beauty and Real People.
I don't wear stuff to fit in a box.
Almost nobody does.

Fashionable items I love.

People and they way they look that I love.

So lovely people, Lesson of the day:
Wear what you love, and love what you wear!


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