The beginning:
Noire Glitter is kind of my baby, who first say the light on October of 2011. I got very little experience with blogging and everything that goes with it. I kind of felt the feeling of learning to walk, I try my best and also learn a lot from day to day. Starting my blog was a leap of faith seeing I had no experience with writing but what helped was my character, I am somebody who likes to give her opinion about everything and also wants to be up-to date about what is currently happening.  Photographs for my blog where a small hell when I first started, it's as easy as point and shoot? I learned a lot from other blog and started to find my way. Because I do use Photoshop do draw the editing wasn't that hard. 

The future:
Currently I don't want to make blogging my full time job. Blogging is something I do with all my heart but currently I am not ready to make a big leap also my blog currently doesn't have the potential. The fun I bring in my blog is because I don't "need" to write but want. But maybe some day. 

About the advertising:
People noticed that I use adsence in my sidebar this is not because I want to make money of this blog. Seeing I am not an expert blogger I also lack some things to bring out better articles to name a few a light-box and  a good camera. Everything I earn on adsence will go directly back to the blog and not my pocket.

If you want to have advertising on my blog you can click here or mail me at

What do I use:
Because it is helpful to see what I use for my blog here a list of equipment. If you got any question you can also send me an email.


  • Wacom bamboo pen and touch
  • Adobe Photoshop CS5
  • Artisteer
  • Adobe Fireworks CS3
  • Casio Exilim EX-Z90
  • Samsung Galaxy Y S5360

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