Friday, March 9, 2012

I want to start this article with the fact that it is just a first look. I have been testing the Tangle Teezer for a few weeks and I want to show it in action so that will be posted an other day when my hair is actually tangled up and I can make a nice video to show how it works and some detail pictures.  I will tell you where to get this wonder, what it promises and a bit about packaging. Tomorrow a article with come about the brush and what I think of it. 

So the Tangle Teezer after a long debate I ordered mine from Asos for €13.98 but I also saw this one in Germany for 15.00 so it is always good to check where you can get it cheapest. I got the original model but there is a compact for travel use. There is a wide range for colors and Asos carries pink and black, after a small debate I went for the hot pink wonder which I will show you. Now the Tangle Teezer makes some promises.

  • Effortlessly banish tangles and knots from hair
  • Rapid detangling results on both wet & dry hair
  • Minimise breakage & damage

A full explanation and tips are included in a little booklet that is included with the Tangle Teezer. I have to admit that the little booklet gives it a more expensive feel. It has a nice design and cute illustrations. It also gives some information how to clean your brush and what makes the Tangle Teezer so special. also as you can see it gives some information about the man who designed this brush, but I shamefully have to admit I cared very little about that side.  Fun note is that my hair is the same length as the blonde illustration and that I am also a blonde. I tough that was rather funny.

So now I raised everybody there explanation yet I gave nothing about the product. I talked design and package but not how it works. I actually have a follow up article after this one where I will show you the brush and how it works. I decided against making one big article because it would be a long long read. I will end this with the package shot and soon I will take about this brush.



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