Friday, March 16, 2012

Most of my perfumes are budget and so is this one. Stripes and squares was bought for a mere 1.60 and contains a royal amount of 100 ml.  I didn't smell it before buying it, I just grabbed the first pink perfume box that I saw. I bought this one at the action

The perfume is a nice shade of light pink and the bottle is tall and thin. I love the design of this bottle. It is very minimal yet beautiful. What I can say about this perfume is that it has a semi-sweet but very strong smell, it is perfect for spring. Other people describe this similar to a perfume of Burberry yet I never smelled burberry so I have idea.

While my other budget perfumes don't smell so strong during this day I can faintly smell this one at the end of the day. I am a fan!

Smell is of coarse very personal, I love this smell while others might think it stinks. So take my advise and go to your nearest action and smell this one. You might love it!


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