Saturday, March 3, 2012

Balea dry shampoo. I have been raving about wanting this one for a while! I love the green/teal package and neat design of this yet I wondered how it would work. I was satisfied with my old dry shampoo but I like testing out new things, So want to read my opinion? Read more!

So this lovely packaged dry shampoo is from the trend it up line where I already reviewed the hairspray and mouse here. So I bought this one in Germany for a rather cheap price that I cant remember, but I promise it wont make you poor! 

So it looks like a normal spray can, I personally think it looks like you can spray graffiti from it. The can has 200ML which is rather tiny for dry shampoo's in my opinion. But the amazing design of the package makes up for it also you can toss this in your bag seeing it wont take up much room.

So what does Balea say about there own product? Excuse the shabby translation I use a translator from German to English.
Match your hair freshly! After the party or fast times occasionally, in seconds: mega+practical drying laundry by push of a button. Thus your Style works again loosely and full, your hair becomes more handy and can more easily be styled. And keeps so still another one day longer. Or one night…
 Also it promises to eliminate party smells and provides a fresh smelling hair that is perfect for styling. And as all other dry shampoos it cleans without water. 

So to put this product to the test I used it on my greasy unwashed hair. The first thing you will notice is the sound it makes it makes a rather hard sound yet all dry shampoo's I used so far did this. The next thing that hits you is the smell, it smell clean. I have a hard time placing this smell it just smells clean. Now the thing normally with dry shampoo's is that if you spray to close or to long on one place you get a white powdery layer that looks horrible on darker hair. I have to admit with my white hair I did use it in the pas to cover my roots. Now while spraying close to my head on one spot I did notice something, It didn't give a white powder! It is transparent which I assume is a large selling point for darker haired girls.

This spray also give a tad of volume and does make my hair feel cleaner. The only downside is that it goes empty rather fast but for the price you can always buy a few. I am a fan for the cleanness it gives and my darker haired mother also likes to use it. Good job Balea! 

Want clean hair without a while powder layer? Get this one.
I am sold on it.
What dry shampoo do you use?


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