Thursday, December 15, 2011

I love my hair, and I love doing this with my hair.
Yet that sounded more dirty then intended.
I like to create volume and I use two Balea products for it.

As I mentioned before I adore shopping Germany and one day I found these two amazing packaged products
So I was walking trough my local dm and found two mouse products.
Sadly enough I didn't take the matching dry shampoo cause that one also had an amazing package.

So lets get started with the pink one, cause I got a bias toward pink.

The official website says:
Utrasexy curls. You are today again complete beside the trace? Remain nevertheless times curly - with the enticing Mousse that is no problem. Provide for you a voluminösen Lockenkopf with breath-taking leap strength and place everything and everyone into the shade.
 Now what will I say about this one,
I already raved about the amazing detailed package, but I also like the fact that the dispenser has a nice shape somehow it makes the mouse come out really nicely.
I can use one ball [the size of the one in the picture] for my whole head and it keeps my hair in shape for the whole day.
I do like the smell it doesn't have a strange fruity smell like other mouses yet it smells nice and clean.

Now when I bought this I had no idea what it was.
Thank god for internet!
Voluminöser hair beginning. Your hair is today again flat like a flounder? No problem - the Aufplusternde Push UP Mousse becomes the foundation for your pompösen and voluminösen hairstyle..
 So I lissent to the site and sprayed it near the root of my hairs. It spayed out with a silly sound and I could feel the cold stuff on my head.
One warning! spray to much and it drips down your head like a tiny waterfall.
Now hoe does it work? It sure addes a bit of volume but not so much. I prefer to use this one in combination with the other mouse.
If sprayed on your hand you first get the substance I photographed and then it slowly 'melts' and all that remains is water-ish. Its strange yet appealing.
Its a nice side product with a nice package.

What mouse do you use?
Have you ever used the hair products by Balea. 

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