Sunday, December 18, 2011

Today I am going to share what I call "A lipcare superhero!"
When I woke yesterday I noticed something, my lip was bleeding and was chapped and dry.
I pondered what I should do.
So I decided to take a quick stop at Kruidvat to see if they had something to ease my lips.
after debating I bought this cute little white tin the size of my palm. 

Now I am going to be direct and death honest the tin is rather hard to open, but if  you try a few times it goes better and better.
The tin is a plain white color with red letter and somehow it reminds me of a medic.

I know very little about ingredients yet I know this it smells very nice,
and once applied it tingles your lips and feels cool.
Also it leaves a nice glossy finish on your lips.
Now I do know you want proof am I right?
Lets start with my lips this morning when I woke up.

Would you look at that. Horrible! Chapped and with a little wound.
Yet today after applying my new favorite beauty item a few times. 

No Photoshop, no lipstick, no lip-stain. Just a nice glossy layer from my little tin of heaven.
Now this little tin only costs 1.50 euro so for the price you cant go wrong. 

Do you take care of your lips?

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