Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Yes I am spoiled little girl again a jewelry related gift. I mentioned in the time nearing Christmas that I  wanted some good quality jewelry cause I have enough costume jewelry.  So my granny decided to spoil me with a beautiful watch she wanted to surprise me but in the end she surprised herself. Want to know what happened? 

So I had been nagging for some time now that I needed a nice black watch cause that colour was missing in my collection. I have to admit more colors are missing but I really wanted a black watch. Afterwards I heard my granny took my mom in a journey to find a nice black watch for me. In the end they found the perfect watch so when I was sitting on the sofa with my packed gift in the hand ready to rip it open my granny mentioned "You are going to love it, I haven't seen one like this!'

Surprised I took out the black watch. "You know you bought me the same watch in purple half a year ago?" I mentioned casually. She couldn't believe what I said She never seen this watch before and thought it was so original. After a small debate if they where similar or the same I went downstairs to return with my purple watch. How a person can buy the exact same watch without remembering is news to me but even when I already own the model I am happy with my black watch. It sure is a cute watch.

I cant give you prices or the place where they where bought because I don't know. I am leaving you with one thing, a shot of both my favorite watches. One old and one new. ♥♥

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