Saturday, December 10, 2011

Arms party's, I love them and some hate them.
Some days you just want to cover your wrist with cute,shiny, awesome or amazing bracelets and host an arm party.
You might wonder what is a arm party? You layer and layer till you create an amazing look.
I personal think that it gives an edge to a normal bland outfit and really stands out.
Today I am going to share how I start my arm party in three simple steps:

You might wonder why I have categorized it in hard and soft bracelets. Soft bracelets go between watch and hard bracelets so you want damage your 'expensive' watch.
Alt ought you might wonder how should I layer it all? So I added some of my favorite looks.

Its all about adding similar colors or styles.

So tell me, do you have arm party's from time to time?
What is your favorite combination.
Here's mine

If you got any questions about where I got what, don't be afraid to ask ;D

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