Monday, December 12, 2011

While browsing the display of one of my favorite brands I found the Manhattan My Box collection.
My Box is a magnetic system where you can pick your own eye shadows for.
Of coarse I made my own pallet!

To start with the box, Its a tad strange with the women who is rather strangely posing.
Sadly enough they where out of the boxes who where just black.
Now what I do love about this box is that there is room for 6 eye shadows.
And it has a mirror! 
What more does a women want?

I didn't swatch them in the store so it was a real surprise to see the pigment.
Some where a hit and some where a miss.
Accually there are only two who I really love,
The blue and the bronze are stunning yet the others fail to amaze 

The others are suitable for a more toned down natural look.
Am I going to use this pallet a lot?
Maybe? Its a nice pallet to take with you but for home use I rather use my 88 pallet.

Do you own a my box?

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