Thursday, December 1, 2011

I adore lipstick and my most used lipsticks are four from Mahattan.

Manhattan lipsticks are easy to recognize they have a smooth black design with the brand name on it. 
What I also like about these lipsticks is that they have the color + number on the underside so you can easy pick the shade you need.  I currently own three of the extreme last & shine line and one from perfect creamy and care.

Excuse the tape marks on them, some people in stores like to tape it down with a whole lot of tape. Very hygienic yet not so good for pictures. 

As you can see they have a unique shape, You love it or hate it. I love working with this shape although I heard some people find it absolutely horrible. These are all used a lot yet they still hold there shape. I like it!

As we look at the swatches you can see it has a nice solid color, I only used one layer. In the sun it has a nice shine without making you look like a walking glitterbomb.
Now for the next picture I have to warn you, I wanted to make some lip swatches so I can show how they are worn.
I know I don't have the most beautiful lips or teeth, So be warned and scroll at your own risk.

as you can see some are work appropriated and some aren't. The top ones I wear almost every day and the two bottom ones I wear on occasions.
56D is very pale and suited for times when my eye make-up is a tad more colorful.
57D is what I call my barbie lipstick and used when I have a toned down day.
34T is a hit and miss for me, it has a nice orange shimmer to it yet stays horrible, [you can see it in the top left corner, I just went with my finger close to it]
43N is a lovely red shade, I always think red makes my teeth look more white and I wear this shade when I got an all black outfit.

As you can see the pigmentation is rather good.
What is your favorite shade of lipstick? 

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