Sunday, December 25, 2011

Upcoming is not a review or a 'normal' post. With the Holidays on the way I want to give my point of view about Christmas and the season. I have to admit I am a Christmas person I enjoy giving out presents and dressing up nicely yet the cold and snow is not for me.

Press read more to read what I am thankful for.

To start what I like about Christmas is the fact that love is all around. I like buying gifts for my family and decorating the tree. This year my own tree got a pretty new toy, a color changing one. 

See how pretty the colors change. its a tiny thing yet when my mom brought it home for me I felt warm inside. Ofcoarse I wished I had a massive tree with many colors but that is currently not in my budget. One day:

Why don't I like December because it is cold. I am more a summer person, just give me a heatwave. This winter I will be packed in so many layers that people might think I am a giant. I invested in a nice thermal legging that is really warm and some warm indoor shoes.

Also I got my very own bag of warm scarfs ;D 

But the thing is, while I am the Grinch on Christmas, I am really thankful. I am thankful that i have such sweet family and friends. And I am thankful for the people who read my blog. I got three followers and I know that that is a really really really small amount yet I am thankful for those three. Cause it might seem like a little gesture to follow me but it makes me smile every time.

Happy Holidays! 

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