Saturday, December 17, 2011

Perfume is all about preference,
What I think smells heavenly might get called "Smelly" by other people.
Yet I couldn't leave without a spray of perfume.

Today I am going to share my four favorite cheap perfumes.
I got them from a dutch store called "Action" yet with a bit of searching I am sure you can find them in other places.

The thing that these four perfumes have in common is that they where dirty,dirty,dirrty cheap.
ranging between one euro and three euro's

I am going to start with the one I might recently bought.

Props to the people who recognize the blandly copying of package/style. 
Yes, DKNY be delicious is the inspiration for this perfume. 
I bought this one cause to me it smells really fresh, it isn't like your a walking perfume bomb yet you smell "Fresh like a morning in spring" 
It's my casual smell that fits almost everything.

Or next contestant is this one, the bottle is horrible and ugly and I have few good words for the box.
Yet even if it is inspired by  j'adore Diore I don't use it that much.
I prefer the original.
This one has a very strong smell that is nearing the border of manly.
I occasionally use it when I am spending most of my time outdoors. 

I have no idea what perfume inspired this amazing bottle.
I needed to have this one to display cause the shape is really beautiful.
The original box was horrible and ugly and it wasn't fast before it got a new home in my trashcan.
The smell on the other hand is also very very lovely.
Its a sweet smell that isn't candy shop like, for me its a rather elegant smell and very appealing. 

You might have read it, "Sexplosion!" 
And before you ask, yes I bought this before testing it because the name is just amazing.
Afterwards I found out that it was inspired by Flowerbomb from Victor and Rolf.
Yet even when flowerbomb wins the battle in therms of packaging this one surely has a nice smell.
as you can see it is also my most loved smell.

To end this, where and why do I buy cheap perfume.
  • Even when it doesn't stay as strong and long as more expensive ones they also have more perfume which you can spray more.
  • They stay reather long when sprayed on a scarf.
  • You can buy a lot of them cause they are cheap.
  • Also works perfect to create a nice smelling room.

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