Saturday, December 24, 2011

 Good morning, yes morning I spend yesterday and today working on a new layout and I am still in my pajamas's. I have to say I am semi-proud on my new layout. While the other layout was more cold and distant this one shows more me. Yes cause deep down I adore bright pink. Read more for my creative process and hardships.

Remember my old layout?

While I adored the teal there where a few things that annoyed me, first of the background it was far more stretched out then intended and the dots went to far up. The side bar also went up the list of hate because the headers had a strange line in the middle of it. While I adored my own header with cameo headshot it felt distant and cold.

So I started to brainstorm and went to this:

Look at those pretty diagonal stripes! Yet when trying to publish it to my blog it re-sized my header to a very small size and the background image didn't cover the whole background. I was annoyed to no end. I tried everything with no success. 
I also explored some other colors and header options:

In the end I went with the background you see now.
Like it? Hate it?

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