Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Today I am going to write a bit about my newest find online.
Di Depux a brand made by Despina Bournele from Greece
She a graphic designer, working on her own graphic design studio called Di Depux
Today I am going to share my amazing package with you!

To start of the shipping was really fast, it took only a few days to travel from Greece to Holland in one piece.
Today when I came home a cute package was waiting for me.
Props to Despina who added the cuteness to a normal plain envelope.

As I mentioned it traveled a long without a scratch thanks to this padded envelope and the extra bubble wrap keeping the jewelry safe.
Miss Despina is working on her own graphic design studio and I could notice!
Not only the two pieces of jewelry where filling this cute envelope but also an amazing load of business cards, Flyers and other design work that will be adorning my wall from now on.

So many amazing designs and you can view more design on her website or blog

I am especially fond of the heart card. 
But yes I did mention jewelry cause this creative mind makes adorable jewelry and I had the honor to receive two pieces for a honest review. 

They came both in a nice package, especially the corn and popcorn combination amuses me and made me laugh. 
Both pieces are lasercut and made of acrylic.
Both are thick and sturdy and surely eye-catching.
An original work handmade and designed by Di Depux.

To start with the popcorn necklace, I am sure it will fit nicely with a casual outfit.
I plan to wear this with a nice plain t-shirt and jeans.
Hanging on a 39cm silver chain it hangs just at the right length for this casual and fun piece.
You can order your own Here!
If your like me and like to eat loads and loads of [microwave] popcorn this will surely strike your fancy.
Or if you know an popcorn addict anonymous why not make there day with this necklace.

Also what I don't want to forget to mention is the fact that it has two amazing details.
Starting of with the fact that it is also printed on the backside, something a lot of jeweler lacks.
The second thing that I adore is that it also has a heart with the stores name on it on the chain.
Its a little detail yet so cute!
Also possible to order as a brooch!

Second piece I received was this Hippo Brooch. 
The blue and pink are vibrant and bright! 
The thing that I think is the most appealing about this one is the bright pop of color without being to much.
I plan to wear it with an all black outfit.
Its suitable for all ages cause who doesn't deep down love a bright cute hippo?

This adorable little monster is 3x6CM and can also be ordered as a necklace here

To end this and summarize, Di Depux:
  • Offers world wide shipping.
  • Fast shipping
  • Is not expensive for something so original and handmade
  • Has a great quality
  • Made my day ♥♥
What is your favorite piece from Di Depux, her store

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