Monday, March 12, 2012

A baked eye shadow was something that I didn't have in my collection. I also never felt the need because I love my 88 pallet. While I normally wear a variety of eye shadow colors I never felt the need to go for brown shades. Yet while walking in the action I noticed a cheap pallet for only 1.28 euro and I quick snatched one. This one is called brown and beige, read more for swatches and more pictures.

I have to admit that I actually like the design of this eye shadow but they could have left the brush behind. The quad opens smoothly but doesn't seem to close really good I wouldn't advice to take this one with you in a bag because it doesn't seem that strong. 

I like the fact that it are little balls, it looks nice. I am all for design over functionality. I cant say that this way it gives less or more mess in your pallet I find the balls easy to work with. Now this pallet has four colors and to be honest I didn't expect much from the white cause I have a childhood trauma finding the perfect white. 

Now as you might know baked eye shadows can be used wet or dry. So when I ripped this out of the cardboard I directly checked how it was dry. (because I had the illusion it would also be very pigmented dry) as you can see in the swatches it isn't very pigmented dry. But then when I dipped my brush in the water I got what I wanted.  I fell in love with the white and bronze. It is a very nice pallet to use wet.

D is dry of coarse and W is wet. 

Now I want to end this with the fact that I will be going back to check for other colors. The way it looks wet is very nice and especially for so cheap.  
Do you have any eye shadow by max? What pallet is your favorite?


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