Sunday, March 11, 2012

So part two of the tangle teezer review. I have been using my tt for over a month now. I wanted to really test this out before screaming how amazing it is because normally when I get a new 'toy' I am so in love and after a week it ends up in the back of my closet. so what do I think of it? Read more!

So to start my review I have to admit a lot of people call my brush a cheap plastic child toy.  My sister tough it was a horrible pink mess that would never come near her hair. The shape of this brush is advertised as ergonomic, now I am studying to become an occopational therapist and let me state this it is not very ergonomic in my eyes you need to hold it tight or ells it will slip out your hand and it doesn't sit in a relaxed position. Also on the subject of the design and shape it doesn't have a handle or strap, and it flew out of my hands a few times. I do believe it is something you have to get used to, nowadays it doesn't slip out my hand anymore but I had to practice.

As you can see the brush has different length teeth (Do take note not to put it the way I did in the above picture) I believe that is why the brush works the way it works. My hair has knots from time to time and with this amazing brush it gets out without me pulling out almost all my hair. It is not a miracle where the knot vanishes with one brushstroke but after a few times going trough it the knot is gone and it leaves your hair very nice. Now my sister has lower back length hair and brushing knots out is hell for her. Since she tried it once with this brush she decided to 'steal' my brush everyday.  This brush is something you need to try for yourself, you will be amazed!

What I also want to add is the fact that it seems like I have less hair to clean from my brush while I normally pull out a load of hairs this brush doesn't. Now I also want to share is how to clean this, I normally pull the hairs of it with my hands but recently I noticed that if I use a needle [or other pointy subject] I can easy lift the hairs from the brush.

My verdict is that this brush does cost a bit, yet it is something I use everyday.
I replaced my normal brush and I use it everyday.
It is a lot better for your hair then a normal brush for your hair.
It is a very good investment!


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