Sunday, February 19, 2012

A filler article while I am off spending Carnaval, I mean it silly. Seeing I currently didn't have to time to whip up an nice article I am going to post a semi outfit post. Semi because you cant see my outfit. Carnaval is a time to dress up. It is my Halloween cause in Holland we don't celebrate Halloween. Yet this year I am saving up and did not want to spend atleast 30 euro's on a costume. So I made do with the things I had. I went hipster...sort of..

So I started of like I normally look..but with curls cause curls make everything better. Winged liner and a load of white eye shadow. Do check out the cat creeping behind me.  Now you only need a cap and glasses and your costume is done.

Also pulling silly expressions is a must. And look at how my glasses reflect my computer. Keep in mind always look up like you see the light. Cheapest costume I ever owned. The glasses are my real glasses and the cap was one euro.

So anybody ells celebrating carnival?


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