Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Yes here I am again with more fab tips on the cheap.  Today we are going to cover the most known site Ebay. I buy a lot from ebay expecially fashion jewelry so I can wear what is in trend and toss it away when I don’t want it anymore.  For a euro you can already own a pair of earrings or something ells. Because some people have trouble with there first ebay buy I made a small tutorial.
Ebay is a site where everybody can sell everything [exept fakes but more about that later] First of I know a load of teens may not order from ebay cause their parents don’t trust it, “why are they selling a necklace for less than a dollar, it’s far too cheap you will never receive it!” But yes most of it are china made and the buyers buy it in wholesale for dirty dirty cheap.  I will give you a tip if you want to convince your parents buy something really cheap  [99 cent or so] and show them when it comes in.  Always check the feedback before buying and never have to high hopes. Cheap jewelry is fashion jewelry and so it’s  low quality. Also much fashion jewelry is inspired by expensive designer jewelry and sometimes has a brand name on it most sellers photoshop the brand name of cause ebay has a no fake’s policy. Also one last thing before you murder your computer to open 99 ebay windows, what if you ordered something and it’s broken? You can always email the seller with a picture and most of the times they offer payment back or sending back a replacement. Also remember to be a good person and leave feedback. 

How can I find cute jewelry from ebay?  Now let’s say we want a ring a cute but cheap ring as your first order.  First you type in ring and you get a lot of rings.

We want cheap rings so let’s set it to “Price and shipping lowest first”  this sorts it so that the cheap stuff is on top. But hey these are so cheap….that is cause there are also auctions there you want the buy now.

Now we have a load of rings. We got key rings, lip rings and much more.  Now click fashion jewelry and it cuts it down to fashion jewelry and you got what you want. 

Now we ordered and paid our first item, one more thing to do……waiting. Normally sellers give an estimate of the time if the time passed you can mail them for an update if you haven’t received the email.

Tell me how much do you order from ebay?


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