Sunday, February 26, 2012

Excuse the German text of the product seeing I bought this in the sale in Germany. For the English speaking people this is Herbal Essence Smooth and Soft. To be honest I my German is horrible and I didn't even know what this mask was for. The fact that it was from Herbal put me over the moon and the bright orange package made me notice it. Read more for my review! 

I always like to start with what Herbal has to say about there own product. 

My rich care formula with mandarin extracts and beads beautiful protected you from unmanageable hairI am the third step towards irresistible suppleness and silky-soft hairIn just 1 minute, I suggest unruly hair into the flight, and will be washed out. Best way to use my once a week.
 So what do I have to say about this decent sized 200ML pot of orange? I am a regular user of hair masks seeing my bleached locks need care. So before this one I used many many others and I surely can compare them but that is later. To start with the package, I already mentioned the eye-burning beautiful package. I love the label and the design they put into it but have the rounded top. While standing in the shower I had a hard time trying to open it. I would have preferred some more grip.   

But like they say package is one thing but the inside is more important. When opening I got greeted by a nice orange ice cream smell. The smell is also very nice while you are waiting for this mask to do the work. It only takes one minute which is a plus! Also the color of the mask make me want to eat it, it looks so yummy. But take note that this is not to eat but for your hair. 

So after slapping a good amount of this light pink orange smelling goo I waited for a bit longer then a minute. A pro of this product that it is rather firm, there is nothing I hate more then a hair mask that runs of your hair or fingers. The texture is just the way I like it and you can pile it on your head and it keeps your hair firm in a bun. (At least I always make a bun while applying a hair-mask) So after washing out my hair I pulled my Tangle Teezer (more about this later) trough it and surprise! it went very smoothly. I like the fact that it does what it promises.  The downside of this product is that it makes my hair very heavy, so I don't use it that much. When comparing it to other used hair masks that I loved this one doesn't give the care that my hair needs and leaves my hair a tad static. 

Still it is a good smelling decent priced (round 5 euro) hair mask that leaves your hair smelling nice and tangle free. I always ask myself when using a new product if I would use it again, I might for the summer when I want nice fruity smelling hair. 

What is your favorite hair-mask?


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