Wednesday, February 8, 2012

So today I am going to share my reasons why I have this blog. And I hope in the comments you will also share why you blog or why you don't blog. Also you may promote your own blog!

Creative outlet:
People often mention that I am a really creative person and that I should do something with that. I paint, draw and sew from time to time. And since I got this blog I am really into taking photographs and editing them. My writing on the other hand is not my forte and often I lack when blogging yet I believe the more I blog the more I will improve.

To share my opinion:
Yesterday a teacher mentioned that there is nothing wrong with being a honest person. I was talking about how my opinion sometimes seems blunt or rude yet truth to be told, I just tell what I think. I never been a girl to sugar coat or ass-kiss. I currently follow a lot of blogs and often google to find product information. When I take so much information should I share what I know?

For the money money money:
Haha, just kidding. I don't give a lot about what I earn from this blog truth be told I don't even make money of this, on the other hand I put a lot of money into it. And truth to be told I don't expect to ever blog as a job seeing I have other ambitions. I just want to have a nice blog that people want to read.

The fame:
Again a joke, I know I am lame. With currently 7 followers and a small amount of page views daily I am over the moon with the nice people that take there time to read my blog. I am glad people think my blog of good enough to follow and I am thankful for that. As I mentioned above I don't see blogging as a job so I am not screaming everywhere "Follow me! Follow me!" and "Add me and I will add you!" If people want to read my blog I am happy with it and if they don't I don't mind. 

So do tell me, do you blog? 
And for what reasons.

And just because I am a good mood.
You may spam your blog link in the comments ♥♥
I need some more blogs to follow


Chloe said...

He! Ik heb je getagd voor de 11 things tag!

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