Monday, February 6, 2012
Well shoes and pants are something that I have a load of. Yet I am urging for some new stuff. Today I picked my four favorite flat shoes and three amazing pants. Want to look with me?

Lets start with shoes, I am a heels girl but with my 1.75 and shorter friends I needed some more flat shoes. Now when I look outside I see a thick pack of white snowy cold horror yet the shoes I picked are more for spring.

 Actually I picked one pair of these shoes yesterday and bought them. I love then and wore them around the house. But because I am lazy I didn't take any pictures of them...soon I promises?

Now the second object of my desire is a pair of amazing jeans. Most of my current jeans fall of my butt [since I got a lack of butt] and I am lusting for a pair of amazing skinny jeans.

Waxed black jeans, metallic red and black. I am in love with all three of them. The red ones are current on sale and look amazing with an all black outfit. I am still waiting for the black ones since I ordered them from the H&M store online...But the question is if they fit.

Short blog is short. Kind of a small update of my current taste.
Tell me in comments where you are lusting for.


Janne said...

Leuke kleren!

LovelyLouLou said...

De beige schoentjes van H&M staan ook op m'n wishlist :D

Denna said...

@Janne: Ik wou dat ik alles gewoon in een keer kon kopen. ;D

@LouLou: Zeker leuk voor als het lente word! ♥♥

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