Monday, February 13, 2012

So who tried up last times tips and tricks for Fab on a budget?  I got more to share! Today we are staying online but going towards the online outlets and a nice app, cause I love a great discount.

To start with all of these sites you got a certain brand that is on sale for a certain amount of time.  Are you to late it sells out. Thank god most sites got a feature that sends you an email the moment the sale starts, so you jump behind your computer.

One of those sites is shopvip! Shopvip is as far as I know invite only but no fear you can use my link. ShopVip signing up is free and quick.  One note, it only ships to the Netherlands and Belgium. Remember when I told you about shipping costs last time? Shopvip has one fee and you can pick your own carrier so you pay one flat fee for getting your order shipped. 

·         Selektvracht: €5,95
·         DHL: €5,00
·         Taxipost: €5,95

a    We also have Groupon!  I can say this is the year I found out about Groupon and loved it. You can get all kind of things from Groupon ranging from clothing to jewelry but also breast implants and trips. Now for my fellow android users you can also get an app that shows you the daily deals. Cause it only takes a day! Personally I order a coupon for some photoprints, groupon neatly emails you and tells you want to do. I strongly support groupon and think they offer a great service. One thing I should mention if you want to get your deal a certain amount of people have to buy it but most of the time the limit gets reached very easy. Also take notice that Groupon has many sites, I use the NL site but there are many more available. 
D  Did I mention it before, I think apps are the future and save a lot of time when you are looking for deals. I personally have a few on my phone ranging from drugstore’s and beauty deals. Don’t be afraid and take a look at Android market or an other app store. Last thing, tell me what kind of apps do you use to find discounts? 



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