Saturday, February 11, 2012

Most people who adore fashion want to look the best they can, yet at times the budget doesn’t allow it.  This is part one of looking Fab on a budget.  Today I am going to share my online tips to get awesome things on the cheap. 

Think this, you want a new necklace yet you can’t afford to buy one at the jeweler. You can do what I do the moment I crawl behind my computer I open and start browsing.  Asos is one of the sites I adore because they offer free shipping and because they are located in Europe I don’t have to pay import duties so in other words you get to go shopping without paying for transportation, that is one point for the cheap divas!  Yet I see you thinking “Asos also has many expensive things, how is that cheap?”  The sale is one of my favorite things for example Juicy couture for half the price. I am a big fan of Quality on the cheap.    

Now what if you found some great item yet it isn’t on sale. You can wait for it to go on sale or you can do what everybody does every day. Use Google! We use it to make our homework faster yet you can also use it to find other sites that stock your wish list items. Try searching on brand&sale or itemname&sale you will be surprised on what you might find.

I personally like few items from H&M yet from time to time I find something I adore. I run to the store to try it on and inspect the quality after that I neatly hang it back. Then I once again crawl behind my computer and toss it in my online shopping basket.  Why you might think? Cause online there are many discount codes! Signing up for a newsletter or creating a new account gives you most of the times a nice code for a discount but you can also search online or at sites like Retail me not also Google Works like a charm for this method! 

Also one small thing, I mentioned shipping and free shipping. Now you found the item of your dreams yet the shipping is far too high.  Don’t close the window! Do you have friends who are also looking for something? Sharing the shipping cost is always an option. For example your item costs  10 euro and the shipping is 10 euro, that is 20 total hey that is double the price! Now if your friends want to order with you.

I got a few more tips & tricks up my sleeve so keep watching the articles cause there are more parts coming up. 


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