Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hi there Winter Beauty's and Hand Cream Lovers,

I must admit I am not a hand cream user, I hate the feel of the cream on my hands and waiting for it to dry. 
But when I saw the adorable new LE handcremes from Essence I was sold, the packaging is amazing.
And lets be honest for 0.95 euro cent I couldn't let these get away from me. These cute little thingies have 75Ml/2.53fl.oz in them and are perfect to toss in your bag.

Now people who know me know I am whore for two things, package and smell. 
There are three of these hand protection balm's yet I only took these two cause I am no fan of strawberry cream cupcake. I adore strawberries but not the smell. So now on to my two favorites [cause I couldn't pick]

Starting on the left we have in brown, Raspberry chocolate cookie.
On the site Essence states about this one:
The name alone is enough to make your mouth water. a seductive combination of raspberry and chocolate cookies fills the air with a delicious scent reminiscent of american coffee shops in nyc the second you open the tube! cookies, brownies, fudge, cheesecake, donuts – lots of sweet temptations! the only difference is that you can enjoy the new 24h protection balm without regret as it has 0 calories! the tried and tested repair formula with Shea butter and coconut oil pampers your hands and makes them feel wonderfully soft – for up to 24 hours!
And true is that, the smell alone makes me mouth water. Although I have to admit it only has the smell of raspberries and I don't smell get the chocolate chip cookies. This one has a really strong smell and keeps hanging all day long. Although beware when using: You keep sniffing at your hands and some people might find this weird.

Now we have an other contender on the left in yellow, Vanilla apple pie!
Essence states on there site:
heaven on earth! with hands that smell of freshly baked vanilla apple pie, you’re sure to want more! but the care factor doesn’t fall short with this version either: tried and tested care ingredients with coconut oil and shea butter give your hands just the care they need in the winter season and offer plenty of moisture. the 24 hour formula ensures long-term protection so that rough, chapped skin doesn’t stand a chance!

Now Essence to be honest I don't smell the freshly baked vanilla apple pie. I smell apple and perhaps applesauce. It has a nice mellow smell and is rather appealing. For fun I used this one on my left hand and the raspberry one on my right hand. Now to be honest I could only smell the raspberry one. So if you want a mellow sent go for this one, you want everybody to smell your sweet scent go for raspberry.  

Now I have to admit that both are a nice white color yet I would have loved it if the cremes where colored. But I can see Essence point of view of not bringing out a brown colored hand creme. All in in all its very cheap and nice smelling and sure worth giving a try.

Actually I am kind of sad that I didn't take doubles of these creme's cause I will use them a lot this winter. 


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