Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sports is a big part of my life.

As you might have seen with my first picture, I am going to talk about my favorite brand of sport shoes.
Personally I love wearing these shoes when playing volleybal. My current pair has received for the last two and a half year a lot of love, tears and sweat.
But you know what they say "All great shoes must come to an end"

/start-sarcasm/ So currently I am rocking these awesome shoes /end-sarcasm/
For illustration I added arrows where they are breaking down, the inside is more horrible and I decided not to share that. This happened after three years of intensive use!
Personally I never had a problem with this brand and thus I decided to order a new pair of asics.

Browsing the web I found zalando, and they had my shoes~!
Now I got a selection of awsome colored shoes where I picked my favorites.

Now I got a few pairs that I love, yet which one did I order?
Take a pick!
and if a few days I will post a review of my new shoes and Zalando experience. 

Tell me what is your favorite pair?


Fay said...

Ik vind de paars met witte het leukst!


Marloes said...

Idd, die paars met witte is het leukst x

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