Thursday, November 3, 2011

Darling kittens and other felines,
As most of you know H&M and Versace are making a collection together.
And me as fellow bleach blonde am in love.
Versace made something that has my name on it. Black,Studded and Amazing.
Cause the sad truth is, this is me in a few years:
Only less tanned.

Now today I am going to share my wishlist.
Some amazing dresses, jewelry and a jacket.

The sad truth is if I would own one of those dresses I would wear them to grocery shopping and strut my stuff all over the cheese department.
Now these things are price wise a tad out of my reach.
Yet those earrings..

They scream my name!

And I admit that model really sells those earrings for me.
So hope and pray that when the day comes, little Noire Glitter gets those fine earrings.


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