Friday, November 18, 2011

Today I am going to share my latest online buy.

People who know me, know I hate winter.
I am not made for cold and snow.
So while it is still a decent temperature here I went online to get winter ready.
Strolling online at the favorite site ebay I found a pair of warm looking gloves and for the price of 2.39 dollar why not buy them!

As you can see they look pretty decent and warm.
IRL they look even beter.
Now to be honest I couldnt really capture my own hands and self timer hates me.
But I tried!

The gloves got a lot of good points for me:
  • They look pretty
  • The corset on the side is elastic
  • The fur is nice and warm
  • Its lined on the inside
  • They where cheap
  • You can get them in more colors if you search ebay
I only found a few negatives
  • They are a tad tight, I got a normal size hands and they just fit snugly
  • The corset on the side looks nice yet it also gives room for cold to enter
  • The balls on the end of the strings look very cheap and messy
Now I will end you with this amazing animated gif that came from my self timer failure.


K.ellay said...

Ze zien er echt heel leuk uit.... ik wil ze ook!

Marloes said...

Wat schattig! x

Denna said...

@K.ellay: I know! en ze zijn spot goedkoop dus rede genoeg om ze te bestellen haha.

@Marloes: Dat zeker en niet te vergetten ze zijn warm.♥♥

Sanne said...

leuk! :) xx

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