Monday, November 28, 2011

Part of me wants to say "One ring to rule them all.." 
The other part of me doesn't want to sound cheesy.

We all know name necklaces but the stores Names4ever also has bracelets and rings. Now after email contact I could review a ring. I was over the moon because everyday I wear at least 4 rings. 
So I went to the site  to order my ring.

I took a rather long time to decide on what I wanted.
Now if you know a little bit about me I cant even decide in the morning what to eat let alone order a ring in a few minutes.

As you can see you can decide between a flat or rounded ring, there are also three sizes 4,6 and 8mm and to top it of there are 6 different letter types.  
Count this all together and you can make the perfect ring.
Have I also mentioned you can pick your own engraving?
Now if your like me, make a list! 
So I am going to share my little list with you and hopefully it will inspire you

Now I talked a lot of the process about picking my own perfect ring, now I am sure you are dying to see it.

There are a lot of amazing things about this ring and the site
  • It's made of silver, meaning it wont discolor. 
  • It's a sturdy ring, it would break easy.
  • The engraving is amazing, you can see the words clearly.
  • It comes in a box! So easy to give away as a gift.
  • Also Names4Ever included a business card with a code for 10% off my next order.
  • The ring came in three days
  • It's exactly like I ordered.

As you can see I am not the ideal hand model but I tried my best.
In the end I picked a rounded ring, 6mm, Palazzo with the engraving "This too shall pass"
This too shall pass in my motto and I say it to myself a lot. It's empowering!

To round this up.
  • The ring is a perfect gift for family, friends or a lover.
  • The shipping is fast [Only three days for a fully customized ring] 
  • The ring came in a nice clean package.
  • I already got a few complements when wearing it.
  • It's is easy to order from Names4Ever
  • Starting at 39.95 euro its a steal for real silver.
With the eye on the up coming Holidays.
What would your engraving be? 

My ring has already found his place. 

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