Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Nail polish sniffers and other paint lovers,

Today I am going to share a favorite nail polish of mine.
Because there are very little stores that sell manhatten make-up here in Holland I took my trusty race machine and blasted of to Germany.
There is a lovely store called DM wich has a load of make-up, hair-care, shampoo and much more.
I only had my heart set on one thing, a nice bright teal nail polish.
Snatched for I only a euro something this amazing polish, so enjoy my few pictures!

Excuse the messy,short and ugly nails. And the fact that it looks like a 3 year old applied the polish
The picture shows only one layer, in two layers it would have perfect coverage.
Its a nice bright color and people will grab your hand to look at your nails.
So are you wishing for a new nail polish and don't mind people touching you, get this one.

I am feeling so blue today....


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