Monday, November 7, 2011

Nailpolish sniffer and Style lovers,

Today I am going to share my nail polishes and how I store them.
My nailpolish used to be in a cardboard box stashed far away till I tough I could use those pretty colors as decoration. Now many amazing bloggers store them in nice ikea drawers or hang them on there wall.
Yet cause I lack space ( and funds sadly enough) I decided to see what I have.
Now my parents hoard like crazy and they had these beautiful glass jars, perfect as decoration.

Enough with the blabbering on to the pictures, Starting with my nail polish collection. (plus some glitters)

Mostly: Pinks, Reds, Orange's and Glitters

Mostly: Purple, Nude, Red, Green and Blue's
Mostly: Purple and Blue's

Now you might have seen some of the glass jar in the last picture, I also took some shots of how they are currently making my desk a brighter place.

Color sorted FTW! 

Pretty cute?

I am currently on the lookout for some nice small vases.
I hope I inspired you all.
and keep polishing?


Janine said...

Nice idea!

Denna said...

Thank you very much Janine, I just love looking at the colors.
Sadly enough my walls are still very white. I need to get some nice darker wallpaper. ;D

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