Saturday, November 26, 2011

I got a few sweet messages that showed a lot of love for the purple sneakers.

They where not the one's I ordered sadly enough they came in second on my list.
Now I want to show of my new shoes that I did order.
First of props to Zalando for the fast and good delivery... although sadly enough the mailman didn't laugh at my dads joke. Its okay if you don't know the Zalando screaming commercials. 

Somehow in a weird way I am fascinated with labels on clothing and nice shoe boxes.
And yes I would like to share that I got a decent size foot
But yes I can see you want to see the shoes I ordered.

In the end, black fits everything.
The teal on it is loud and bright yet the black and white tones it down.
I worn them for a full day and they where perfect and didn't hurt my feet.

I am especially fond of the inside pattern.
and the outside logo.
Again I am advertising my shoe size. ♥♥

I am wildly attracted to the bottom of the shoes. 
I love how they added details for everything.
Its a small investment for an amazing shoe.

I will end this with a nice animation

What color do you wear when playing sports? 


robin sue said...

leuke schoenen! ik vind het altijd heel lastig om mooie sportschoenen te vinden, maar deze zijn leuk! ik heb altijd simpele zwarte

Denna said...

Ik ben het helemaal met je eens, normaal ga ik naar een winkel gespecialiseerd in volleybal schoenen en eindig ik altijd met een standaart wit paar.

Zwart past gelukkig overal bij ♥♥

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