Saturday, November 12, 2011

Dear closet dancers and princesses,

Today I am going to share some pictures of my life.
It can be anything:

  • Random pictures of interesting things.
  • Projects I am working on.
  • My kittens.
  • Songs that I have been playing nonstop.
  • and whatever is on my mind...

To get this party started:
My pretty shiny things

I sorted trough my jewelry stash on things I haven't worn in a while and need to wear again.
Some things I haven't seen in ages.
Need to know where I bought something or a brand name, just leave a comment!

Going nuts!
Currently I am going nuts for nuts! 
When I took the picture of the salted nuts I was scared to death to see how much salt it actually has.
so not healthy.
My favorite nuts are on the left.
Wasabi nuts, for the dutch people I buy mine at Xenos.
But you can get them almost everywhere.

Homework and cats

I have been learning like crazy this week, yet sometimes you just get distracted by sweet adorable kittens.
Although I must admit I did pretty good on my test.

and not to end it with one of my current favorite songs!

Just dance it out! 


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