Friday, January 6, 2012
At times you just find a product and think "Well because I need it I will just buy this one till I find a better one." then you come home and use it suddenly you hear trumpets and see a bright light. "Damn, this product is amazing!" I had that moment with hairspray, I was done with my old one and went to find a new one. I bought this Syoss hairspray, read more to see what I think.

 Now I am going to be honest here I bought this hairspray because it was the cheapest in the store, it had the best package [matte black can with pink letters] and because I was a big ass can. What does it promise on the can? 

Extra strong and long-term fixation & Shine. Fast drying & easy to brush out.

It's an amazingly big can of hairspray the biggest I ever seen. Size does matter! I payed €3.95 for this can in Germany but I have seen it in Holland for €5.00 - €6.00.  Fun story a few days after I bought this can I went into a store and they had this spray on sale for €1.99. I love this spray so much that I bought an other one.

But why do I love this hairspray? Because it does what it says on the can!  It dries fast and does offer a strong hold. Ofcoarse the last part I had to put to the test cause I didnt believe in the holding power of this hairspray. I with my reather long hair made a faux-hawk and it held, sadly enough the pictures didnt turn out like I wanted. I did get a picture of my christmas up-do where I made the biggest bun I could make, sprayed it and it held all night.

Not to sound like a cheesy infomercial but...Wait there is more! after this bun of death I went to brush it out and before putting comb to hair I dreaded that I couldn't get it out. yet it took a few brushes to get it out and after that my hair felt rather nice. Of coarse there is also a downside of this hairspray when you use it leave a rather sticky/hard feel yet for my that is worth it cause it offers amazing hold.

What hairspray do you use?

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