Saturday, January 21, 2012
Life in colour and as I would say it, a little sneak peak in my life. It is just some random pictures that aren't article worthy but fun to share. so click for everything I got to show you. Also tell me in the  comments if you like LIC

This picture was taken after a shopping trip to Germany although I have to admit the cranberry juice I bought in Holland. First of in the top we have a amazing piece of Milka chocolate, if you never tasted Milka you should try it. It is really nice for a change, altought with my dieting and weight loss goals I almost never buy it.

Then we have two pieces of skin care, Essence my skin cream and Balea face wash. For these two lovely items I already took pictures but a review will be up when I really tested it. Next to the face care is my other weakness, nailpolish. The teal one already has an article and the golden sandy one is work in progress.

And to end it all with my gluttony we have ritter sport. While I normally I am fan of the mint flavor I picked one that I hadn't seen before. White and brown chocolate, while the combination seems normal and plain jane it does taste very good. I strongly advise it!

Also there are currently two drinks in my life. We have freeway 0% cola which advertises to have no fat's or carbs but does have some other things that make me think drinking a lot of it isn't good. On the other side it does taste HEAVENLY! Next to it we have cranberry juice (the light version)  cranberry juice has a load of health beniffits and the taste is amazing!

Also I mentioned my cats before I think but I snapped some cute pictures of them. They aren't really special but do show my cute animals. The one above is our oldest and the bitch of the house. She actually has really nice markings and looks really tiny, people most of the time assume she is a kitten. She is not! She is the posh little brat...but I do love her.

And this little fatty is my baby and kitten. with ears and eyes twice the size of her (adopted) sister she often showcases the most dumb expressions. She is one of the most smart cats I have ever seen, She knows how to open doors (by jumping and hanging on the doorknob), steals hairbands and other stuff that is mine, knows many words, can sit on demand and gives kisses when I ask her to. Yes she is a mean cute killer machine and to top it of she also doubles as a nice warm scarf.

Yes beside food and cats my life wasn't so interesting I guess....
Also because you read all this I will give a nice sneak peak of next articles....I got planned:

  • Tv-Shows, what and where to watch.
  • Face care reviews.
  • Ebay make-up review
  • My daily make-up
  • Shopping wishlists

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