Thursday, January 26, 2012

Yes this lipstick is not real I bought it for a euro on ebay. Why did I buy it? To show it off and pretend it is real? No! Because I wanted to see what the hype was about and I needed a new pink lipstick. The thing is the mass produced lipsticks and cosmetics are trending topic on online forums and make there appearance more and more on ebay.

But does is there even quality or pigment? Is it only a nice replica that is made for show? I have to admit that the packaging surely is nice.

Also on the ebay advertisement where I bough it, it didn't show the name MAC or Lady Gaga. The shape of the lipstick of coarse reminded me of MAC but nothing more, so I was surprised that it was a replica of Miss Gaga her lipstick. The outer shell of the lipstick is also a surprise for me because it is nice and sturdy, didn't expect that! It feels so sturdy that I am sure if I will drop it the lipstick still be safe so props for that.

I actually bought two lipsticks the light pink you saw above and here but also a darker pink, but more about that later. When I first took them out and tried them I initial reaction was "HA, I knew it...It is crap!" The lipstick self felt hard and like those icky child cosmetic lipsticks also the pigment was almost not there. But I applied more and more. I wiped it of my lips and applied again and well I was again surprised the lipstick actually felt nice and after a bit more layering then I normally would do with lipstick it actually had a nice light pink color. The same thing happened with the bright pink one, so don't toss it out when you first don't like it!

Also I have to mention that these lipsticks have my favorite shape. Very nice. But I know you are waiting for the promised swatches ( and perhaps my horrible lips?) so I wont write more and show them to you.

Glittery and shiny yes? I actually think that I will use the right one with an extreme eye look it is a nice and mellow shade while the left one is more in your face and suited for a nude eye.

Have you ever bought make-up from ebay?

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