Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Now I just read up on the new limited edition that is going to brought out by essence. First of I adore the display and secondly I would love to try out the new products. These mascara's are going to be for sale in February but a sneak peak is always fun.

Package wise I love the black and silver one but when we take a closer look at those brushes I have to say "I want to try them all out!" What does Essence say about this new LE?
mascaras – all true beauty queens love trying out new mascaras…. always in the hope of even more dramatic, even better and even more intense results for an
even more seductive look.
the innovative mega brushes of the get big! lashes volume mascaras unite the three most important features for great lashes: ultimate length? no problem! fabulous volume? up to 7 x more is as easy as pie for the get big! lashes! what about buoyancy? as dynamic as a rollercoaster! 
and for those who don’t just want to try them once,
the get big! lashes mascaras will be joining the
standard range in spring 2012.
The Curl  & Boost mascara's are going to cost  €2.29 and the waterproof variation is going to cost €2.49. It's a very budget price so I am dying to try them out. 

Wich one do you want to try?

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