Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My favorite lingerie store is having a sale online and offline. Hunkemoller is having a nice good sale, most bra's for 5-10-15 euro and undies as cheap that you can buy loads. While Hunkemoller is as far as I know now in America or England but in Europe it has a nice amount of stores so I am sharing with you today my favorite bra's and I will show what I bought. Sadly enough I only bought one bra myself because my size was sold out.

My two favorite bra's. I love the left one with the stripes but sadly enough they hadn't had one of those  in store also the same goes for the right one which I wanted to own so badly. If I had to pick only one the left one is my favorite although I am not sure how the neck strap would show under clothing.

Again a neck strap one with the left one. Although with my size the bra wouldn't be very flattering I assume. The blue is a tad more vibrant in real life, I tried this one on but for my taste there was so much room for spillage. It's an amazing bra but not for me.

I had to show this one. While the cups seem like hell for bigger chested girls the back is amazing! AMAZING! I think this would look stunning with a bright colored backless dress.

So many pretty and cheap bra's right?
Also what I bought isn't that pretty or cute but decent and has a nice fit. Sadly enough the site doesn't love me so much to show it in the color that I bought so I stamped the color beside it.

Simple with a nice touch of lace on the sides. I debated to take an own picture and wave my bra infront of the camera but I decided against it. I hope you all will understand.

So show with you still can?
Also comments work again?

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