Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Essence is a brand that i know from there cheap make-up but it also got skincare products. I bought three different skincare products from this line that I am currently testing. After using the moisturizing cream-gel a few times I am ready to give my verdict and show you all some pictures.

I want to start with what essence says about there own product.
the scent alone already manages to convey a sense of freshness and care! the moisturizing cream-gel texture is absorbed quickly and offers your skin 24h of intensive moisture while protecting it from damaging environmental influences with uva and uvb filters. enriched with lime and cucumber ingredients to ensure a radiant complexion, this cream-gel also contains light-reflecting pigments for a subtle glow.

Let me start with the packaging. I must say Essence did a really got job at it. I like the freshness that it has, I fell happy just looking at it. The combination of the blue and green looks really neat and I am glad that they didn't only use one color. Also I must complement them on the fact that they big put "24h moisture for radiant skin" It is what I want to know and it stands on it with big bold and bright letters. Also as you can see on the picture in the lower right corner the creme itself is sealed, big points for that. Some people in stores "try" the product and I wouldn't want to put something on my face where somebody put there dirty finger in. So now I know I bought a clean unused product. So after ripping apart the box (see the rip in the lower left picture, haha)  I opend my newest creme ready to dip my little fat finger into the till the rim filled jar.

The creme is a nice light green color and it smells fresh. I know I use the word fresh a lot but this product is really fresh! Have I mentioned this jar is made of plastic making it lightweight and if your like me break proof. Texture wise I am not really a fan, while writing this I have the jar in front of me and I opened it to smell it again and the liquid creme just dripped/ ran out leaving a nice mess on my desk. I would preferred if it was a more firm texture. I noticed when I use this creme it surely gives your skin moisturizing wich is a big plus for my dry skin but it also leaves you glowing. And I don't mean the nice healthy glow but more leaning towards glitter bomb glow. After applying this creme my whole hands glitter and my face is rather shiny. The creme itself absorbed rather fast into the skin, like advertised. 

Now would I buy this again?  Currently I am using this product at night where nobody can see me glitter like a twilight vampire. It does like advertises but leaves me far to shiny. I would actually would buy it again as night cream because it does work. Also for less then two euro's it certainly is budget proof!

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