Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Lately I have been spending a lot of money at the German drugstores. Rushing with my full basket my eye fell on the lip care products, I just grabbed a pink/red one and went to pay. It's a limited edition that I fell in love with....Read more for a swatch and some more pictures.

As you can see the package is nice and clean with some butterflies on it. I love the color of the stick although I had my doubts if the color on my lips would show. This brand is very budget and so was this product, I payed 0.79 euro for it while I normally pay for these kind of products round 1.50 - 2.00 euro.  I did google what Balea said about there own product.

Balea Young lip balm - your lips are soft, supple and protected from drying out.Cherry Dream: intensive care for delicate lips with gorgeous Sussen scent of cherries. The special formula with precious bees wax gives your lips a nice look and keeps them soft fühlbar.
I cant say they offer really intensive care, my Kruidvat intensive care does a better job at that. The scent on the other hand is amazing, it has a really sweet candy-like smell, I personally love it! Also I am a fan of the color it gives your lips. I mad a lip swatch, please don't mind the icky lips cause this was after my dentist appointment.    

This is the perfect product is you want nice smelling and slightly tinted lips, leave it if you want intensive care.

What is your favorite lip care product?

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