Sunday, January 1, 2012
I hope everybody has a safe new year and most of all a fun new year. Today I am going to tell a bit about a project I am going to do. As you can see it's called project 366 and yes your right we have 366 days this year. I mentioned I wanted to be a better photographer and there is a way to work on that. If you want to know about my project, click read more

Project 366 is taking a picture everyday. It challenges you to be a better photographer and use your creativity. You can start this project whenever you want but I picked 01-01-12 cause a new year and a new project go together.

I am not going to spam with blog everyday with a picture but once a week I will post an update here. If you want to daily follow my journey you can always follow my Tumblr, Here. Now as you can see my first picture is already up and soon a whole lot of firework pictures will be seen on this blog. This day I went and took a load of pictures and I hope you will like it. 

If you started this project or a similar project I would love to receive a link so I can follow it. 

Once more is where you can follow it all.

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