Wednesday, January 18, 2012
Last time I talked about my Mi Moneda I was trilled and amazed with my new 'toy'. And the moment still isn't over.  It slowly wormed his way into my heart and my neck. I have been wearing it non stop and decided it was time to get my purple coin a shiny gold sister.

Accually the thing is I bought this a few days ago but had to return it because there was a scratch on it and some discoloration. Trend Watcher did live up to my expectations, I really have to applaud there professionalism. Without a word they went to the back to get me a new one they inspected the new coin, one had a tiny spot on it and so she once again went to the back to get a really nice one. It doesn't have discoloration,dents or anything. I am really happy with it!

Sadly enough something went wrong with the pictures and so I have no picture from the backside that says: Love ♥ Hope ♥ Faith

I am already debating what other coins to buy! I am thinking about a silver one or a colored one.
What do you think?

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